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This section will familiarize you with the features of the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. Click on the links below to view mini-tutorials on BrowseBlast.
Using BrowseBlast - It automatically works so you don't have to:
Once BrowseBlast is installed on your machine, it will work every time you connect to the Internet automatically.

#1 - Set your Username and Password:
After you have finished the BrowseBlast software installation, you will be required to enter the Username and Password you chose when you originally signed up for the service. You will only need to enter this one time. If you do not remember the Username and Password you chose upon sign-up, please contact Customer Service (1-877-438-6627).

#2 - System Tray Icon:
After you have properly set your Username and Password, you will now see a small red BrowseBlast icon within your Windows system tray, normally at the bottom right hand corner on your desktop. When the icon is red, the BrowseBlast service is running and functioning properly. When grey, the service has been stopped or is not functioning.

#3 - Launch Browser:
Now that BrowseBlast is running, you will need to launch your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) on your PC. Get ready to see quicker web page download times up to 6 times faster than normal.